Discover Our New Toys Click Here! 10 Years Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Discover Our New Toys Click Here! 10 Years Spicing Up Your Sex Life

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Erotic Sex Toys and Modern Day Lives

Discover sex toys to bring fun to your sex life and new ways to play with your partner. Enjoy expert advice, 24/7 customer service with exceptional customer service skills and discreet delivery in an unlabeled brown box. My Pleasure Box is more than just a sex store we are a 24 hours erotic online shop that offers the highest quality sexy lingerie and adult toys. Our erotic toy store offers sex toys for couples, sex toys for women and men. Cheap lingerie and toys are NOT something we will ever offer. We only provide the best products available and the best quality of erotic lingerie.

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Are you wondering if there is a place for sex toys in a healthy, monogamous relationship? While it may be something you don't openly discuss with your partner, there are plenty of reasons why you should use sex toys. Here are five ways sex toys can enhance your sex life. You'll get to know yourself, get to know your partner, explore his prostate with starter butt plugs, engage in partner play and of course fulfill your fantasies.

A vibrator can give a woman the opportunity to explore her own body with or without her partner. Discreet sex toys are becoming smaller and more powerful, like bullet vibrators, with every upgrade. The more she knows about what turns her on, the better the orgasm. Couple a vibrator with oral sex, a wand with an intimate massage, or use a bullet for erogenous zone stimulation. Try a set of anal beads if she is into anal play. Watch her reaction and see what works best.

Giving him added stimulation is yet another reason why you should use sex toys. The prostate is often referred to as the male G-spot because of the intense orgasm that stimulation can produce. Specially-designed male sex toys are the best ways to explore this new pleasure zone.

Communication is essential. If your partner is reluctant, discuss the holdbacks and work through them together. If both partners are willing, however, get ready to enjoy a whole new variety of lovemaking. So where do we go from here and what are the next generations thoughts on sex toys. After extensive research, we found some interesting information regarding millennials and the next generation of toys.

Modern legend has it that millennials are less interested in sex and less inclined to pursue it than their forbearers, and yet, at the same time, tend to be pretty open about sex and sexuality. (Despite the bottomless well of think pieces on their prudish nature that suggest they are not actually getting any.) Maybe that's because they are busy tweeting; maybe it's because they are satisfied to simply pleasure themselves. Millennials, by which I mean people in their early twenties to mid-thirties, masturbate a lot. Often, to improve their sexual technique; sometimes with a buddy, and with relatively few qualms when it comes to discussing these habits openly.

Millennials are ready and willing to give themselves a hand: Condom brand LifeStyles interviewed 3,938 people between the ages of 19 and 36 for SKYN's 2018 Millennial Sex Survey and found that 91 percent of respondents masturbated. Within that camp, the gender gap was slim, with 96 percent of people who identified as men and 86 percent of people who identified as women engaging in solo sex.

Most of those surveyed masturbated on a weekly basis, but some intrepid souls set aside some "me" time every single day: 38 percent of the man group and 14 percent of the woman group, to be exact.

Millennials know the sex they want. The generation with rising rates of birth control and condom use, supporting Cliteracy campaigns and "yes means yes" legislation.

But there's still so much we don't know. The prevalence of sex in pop culture doesn't make up for the lack of accurate, comprehensive sex education across all 50 states. And despite the big talk about "hookup culture," data shows that Americans only have sex about 30 times a year. Mail order adult toys via our online adult toy store is what more and more adults are turning to.

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