What do you consider romantic?

The holiday season is here, families are gathering, and it's real cold outside. This is the perfect time of year to be romantic, but what exactly is being romantic? This is a question we are asking people that are entering to win in our latest Facebook Giveaway. So far we have gotten some great responses and lots of them brought a smile to my face.

What is romance? The definition is: (a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love, and remoteness from everyday life. - "in search of romance" - love, passion, ardor, adoration, devotion; an exciting, enjoyable love affair, esp. one that is not serious or long-lasting.) Does this sound like the correct definition to you?

In search of romance - A sexy somantic bedroom with fireplace.

It takes great care, and creativity to be truly romantic. If you want to be romantic, then you have to find an unexpected and exciting way to express your love for another person. It can be tricky to be romantic without feeling corny or insincere, whether you're starting a new relationship and want to show your new significant other how much you care, or if you've been with the same partner for thirty years and want to keep things fresh, just follow these tips. Then find out some top responses to our question on Facebook: What do you consider romantic?

  • Be Thoughtful
    • Give thoughtful gifts. - You know your partner a little we hope. Put some thought into it and figure out what they really like. Don't just wait until the last minute and buy some gift cards.
    • Take your love on thoughtful dates.
      • Music Lovers: Go to his or her favorite artist's concert or Christmas show. If it's a free concert at a park, pack a small picnic to accompany the show.
      • Outdoor Lovers: Spend the night stargazing on a blanket next to a nice fire to keep warm. Bring a small telescope for the occasion.
      • Food Lovers: Cook your loved one their favorite meal. Practice making it when he or she isn't there so it's perfect.
    • Leave thoughtful notes for your loved one. - If you want to keep your romance alive, leave thoughtful notes for your loved one to find when your not around.
  • Be Creative
    • Write "I love you" in unlikely places - Write "I love you" in the steam of the bathroom mirror after your loved one takes a shower. This will be a fun and fresh romantic surprise.
    • Give a massage - If your loved one enjoys a nice back rub or foot massage, give them what they want without them asking. You can even add some lotion or oils to make it extra romantic and sexy.
    • Hold Hands - This might not sound to creative but when is the last time you just walked with your loved one holding hands? That long right. Hold hands like you just started dating, this sign of affection is sure to make your bond stronger.
  • Keep Things Fresh
    • Give physical affection to your loved one. - If you're more touchy-feely with your loved one, you're more likely to feel romantic and in the mood. No matter how long you've been together, you should cuddle, kiss, and get sexual. Don't let the fire burn out keep it burning forever.
    • Make your bedroom more sexy - If you make your bedroom more sexy, you'll feel more excited about getting frisky with your loved one. Make sure your bedroom is a den for sex and excitement, not a place for you to throw dirty clothes, unless you are stripping them off each other.
    • Spend some time apart. Did you really just say spend time apart to be more romantic? Spending some time apart, even if it's just a weekend away or a longer period of time, will help you remember why you love each other and will make you miss and appreciate each other even more. Give your partner the opportunity to spend time with friends, don't overcrowd them. When they return your bond will be that much stronger.
What do you consider romantic? (Our favorite responses from Facebook Fans)

  • Candlelight, storms and cuddling:)
  • Looking into each others eyes and not having to say a word . . . . .
  • My husband calling me just to hear my voice & to tell me he loves me
  • Candle light dinners
  • Flowers
  • My hubby running me a nice hot bath or making me a cup of tea, I think it's the little things that make the biggest differences
  • Walks on the beach
  • Night out without the kids
  • A night alone w/ the Hubby. Pizza on the couch & a Blanket for us to share
  • Being told 'I love you' every day !
We hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I did writing it. The responses alone from Facebook made this holiday season just a bit more enjoyable. Use this weekend to tell your loved one how you really feel by doing something special. Let us know what your favorite romantic thing to do is in our comments below, and have a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.