Romance Is In The Air

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It's that time of the year again. Valentine's Day, it's one of my favorites. I take the occasion to gather my thoughts and make it a magnificent event. Others around the world are doing the same, using their imaginations and wits to show their love, affection, appreciation, and lest we forget, lust for one another.

Happy Valentine's Day 2014 - Romance Is In The Air

Valentine's Day is a holiday that is centuries old and many celebrate the whole month of February, including me. Romance is in the air. Drives to work don't seem so mundane any more. They are excursions of delight. At each twist and turn of the road, I am a princess, galloping threw the fields envisioning my lover and our romantic frolic together. Excuse me, back to the story of the beginnings of Valentine's Day. I sometimes get carried away by the excitement of the day. I sense I am recollecting the past, my past. It seems St. Valentine's is one of those holidays shrouded with mystery and that's what makes it so delightful.

Just as my features are retraceable to my ancestors, so are my perceptions of royal lineage. I have on a gilded dress, which masquerades the tightly bound corset that allows my breasts to rebound with the galloping of my horse. I can see the radiance of my face as the light filters threw the trees.

See here I go again, back to the history of the day. Fr. Valentine married young lovers to the disdain of the Emperor Claudius II and became imprisoned because of his disobedience. The young married couples would visit him in the prison and he has become the symbol of love. This is the shortened version of the story because I need to return to my fantasy. Where was I? Oh yes, the light filtering thru the tress.

Before my journey, I have bathed in the finest of perfumes and my undergarments are deliberately chosen to delight, entice and bring our abandoned encounters to fulfillment. There is so much more to my story, unfortunately I have run out of time. So please come back and visit me again and let me know what you think of my recollections. Happy Valentine's month to all of you, have fun enjoy each other and if not, I will be enjoying myself and you can too.

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