Give him the best Father's Day ever!

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Some men are so easy to shop for: bow tie/six pack of beer/gift card to Home Depot and then there are the others who require days devoted to thinking of some clever and unexpected Father's Day gift ideas. Need some suggestions? We've come up with a sure fire way that will show him he's number one and how lucky he is to have you.

Happy Fathers Day! Breakfast in bed

Good Morning, wakey wakey, start the day off right for you and for him. Slide under the covers while he is still asleep and go down on him like he has never felt before. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Fellatio. Don't stop there, why let him have all the fun? Slide up on him when he is good and ready for the best start of any day. After some amazing sex its time to continue the ultimate fathers day.

The way to a mans heart has two routes. We already headed down the express lane, now lets take the local route. Leave him in bed to think about what you just did and whip up a sexy breakfast. Men don't need much. Cook up some bacon to get the sense going, toss in a few eggs how he likes them and put it all together on a nice warm bagel. Then finish it off right with strawberries, honey, cream and anything else that can be smeared on and nibbled off your bodies should the mood strike you.

At this point you have already done enough that he wants to brag to his friends, but this isn't the little leagues. We are here to really blow his mind. After breakfast just let him be free. Don't have anything prepared, don't tell him to do anything, the kids will want to be with him so let them have him. When the sun goes down it's your time again.

Be prepared for this day in advance by getting someone to watch the kids, if possible or put them to sleep early. If not, just make sure the bedroom doors have locks on them ;) Start the evening off the same way you ended the morning. Cook up a dinner for two. Make something you know he loves. After a few drinks and a great meal it's time to slide into something more comfortable. Get changed into a new sexy outfit and call him up to something he will never expect - or maybe he would, lucky guy.

It's Showtime. Scented candles are a great way to set a mood, use a scent you like or try something new. Pop in an adult movie and lower the lights. Bring him into the room, undress and push him on the bed. Start off slow with a strong massage with some light kissing. Give him a sensual chest massage: Sit on the bed against the headboard and have him lie down with his head in your lap. Oil up your hands, then slide them down his pec muscles. With the tips of your fingers, massage underneath the muscles, slowly moving up along his sides, toward his armpits. Then, using your thumbs, make an outward fanning movement down to the middle of his chest, between the two muscles. Softly run your nails over his whole body, just barely skimming all his hot spots, until you tease him into a frenzy. Worship his entire body by going on a detailed tour with your lips.

Finish Him. By now he is ready for just about anything and you should be too. Try something you wouldn't do just any other day, try some anal sex or light bondage to spice things up. That gasp of surprise, a sensory rush, the tingly feeling all over your body, those subsequent devilish grins: There's nothing more exhilarating than adding a dash of spice to your lust life. Because sex, even when it's already pretty damn good, is just one of those things that you can keep making better. What's really thrilling is how simple it can be to electrify your bedroom bond and take things from basic sizzle to burning-up-the-sheets sensational.

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