Six FREE guides for better sex, by Doc Johnson

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An informed shopper is a happy customer. We are pleased to offer Six Free Guides for your reading enjoyment. These helpful pamphlets will help you make an informed shopping decision for your adult toys, by one of the best companies in the industry, Doc Johnson.

Doc Johnson adult toys are offered by My Pleasure Box.

Oral Sex Guide Good-Head for Him and Ora-love for Her, The Oral Sex Guide provides tips, tricks, and product picks for satisfying your lover into absolute gratification! Complete with diagrams of the female & male anatomy 'down there', with pleasure points for hitting the spot right for a night filled with oral delight!
Click to Download Oral Sex Guide

Lubricants Guide Our Lubricants guide is a helpful summary of the various lubricants on the market, like water-based lubricants, silicone-based lubricants, and anal lubricants. We discuss the positive attributes and basic features of each lube.
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Doctionary #1 Guide This is not your Webster's Dictionary; the Doctionary Volume I defines all the terms you need to know about the world of pleasure products, complete with a product recommendation with each definition! Whether it's the difference between a 'Dildo', and 'Dong', or you're wondering what exactly is a 'Packer', get Schooled with these sexy terms!
Click to Download Doctionary #1

Materials Overview All Doc Johnson fans will undoubtedly benefit from this pamphlet, as there is so much conflicting and incorrect information on the web. We have compiled an outline of the materials that we've created at Doc Johnson, listing the major properties and features of each.
Click to Download Materials Overview

Vibrators Overview The Vibrators Overview pamphlet is an outline of the materials most used in the adult novelty industry. Both School of Doc 'Materials' pamphlets will be invaluable sources of accurate information, and will help toy shoppers choose products easily and wisely
Click to Download Vibrators Overview

Ask the Doc This pamphlet gives answers to the most commonly asked questions received at Doc Johnson, from the history and character as a company to explanations of the unique terms that they use for there proprietary materials (UR3, Sil-A-Gel, etc.).
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We hope the information we provided will help you to explore and enjoy new things. You can find all of the great Doc Johnson products we talked about by clicking here. If you know someone that would benefit from the information above feel free to share, remember sharing is caring.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

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