Celebrate Your Relationship on Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

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It takes a strong relationship to be parents, and the responsibilities of parenting can certainly take its toll on relationships. Mother's Day and Father's Day are great times to celebrate an honor each other for all the great reasons you became parents.


If you're like most couples with kids - whether you have one or several - kids are priority No. 1 followed by work and taking care of the house. By the time you get done changing diapers, checking homework or staying up late making sure kids get home in time to make curfew, along with all of your other responsibilities, when do you have time for yourselves?

Romance and sex are not frivolities in marriages and relationships. The term "Sexless marriage" comes up 350% more often in Google searches than "unhappy marriage". Sexless marriages lead to unhappy marriages, and everyone suffers in unhappy marriages, including your kids. Even if you don't consider your marriage unhappy, you probably wonder, "What happened to those days when we wined and dined each other, flirted and had great sex?"

This may not sound romantic advice, but you have to prioritize those things into your life and not think of it as "one more thing I have to do".

Make a date night at least once a week. Get out of the house. You need this time away from your responsibilities and distractions to focus on each other. It doesn't have to be an expensive dinner date every week. Even just going out for a cocktail or coffee or taking a stroll through a park counts. Can't afford a babysitter? Hit up your parents or your kids' aunts and uncles who would probably love some one-on-one time with your kids. Swap babysitting nights with friends who have kids the same ages so they get a kid-free night out, too.

A date outside of the house is not just a way to connect as a couple but also a great way to make that mental and emotional transition from your everyday life to getting into a sexy frame of mind. Think of it as the foreplay before the foreplay.

But what if you think, "We've been there and done all that when it comes to sex "? Guess what? You haven't! Read up on some books that cover sex tips. Share some of the stuff you learned or would be interested in exploring with your partner. Not only will they give you ideas for things you haven't tried in the bedroom, but they're a great way to improve your ability to talk about sex. According to a recent survey Hot Octopuss did about couples and sex toys, 69% of the people who took the survey said they had a hard time talking about sex with their partner. How can people who have sex with each other not be able to talk about it? If you're one of those couples, isn't it time you changed that? Talking about sex isn't just a great way to improve your sex life, but it makes for some great date night conversation.

Sharing what you read is a great way to open up conversations like this in an indirect way. Brining up an idea in a way like, "I just read this book/article about (the thing you read that interests you). What do you think?" is much better approach than potentially pressuring a partner to try something out of their comfort zone. It's a much better approach to find out why they do or don't find a particular thing interesting or worth trying. Sometimes, it's a good way to get them to think about your idea or do some research on their own.

If you read bedtime stories to your kids, why not read bedtime stories to each other? Erotica is another way to introduce some new ideas to your sex life or at least get yourselves to talk about your fantasies. Not all fantasies are do-able, but you may be pleasantly surprised when your partner thinks your fantasy is hot or something he or she wants to do. You won't know unless you talk about your fantasies.

Another great way to enhance your romance is to look over several of the sex toys we offer on our website together and find something you'd like to try out with each other. There are lots of sex toys that are made just for couples. Again, this will get you talking about sex, even if some things you see are "No way!" or if you get a laugh out of them.

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