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So many couples think about and sometimes talk about crazy hot sex all the time, but when it comes to performing, its the same song and dance. If your partner is bored or just wants to get "it" over with every time you try to please, you need to handle the problem now. Even worse if your partner says its the "same old thing", it’s probably time to step out of your comfort zone. Here are some ways to spice up your sex life!

Be Spontaneous

If you have been with the same person for a long time you sometimes fall into a routine. You have sex the same time, place and even positions every time. Does this sound like you? If so its time to shake things up. Turn your sex life upside down by getting more spontaneous. Meet your partner for a special "lunch break" or wake up an hour early for morning sex before work. There are tons of ways that you can become more spontaneous in your sex life. Make a new rule in the back of your mind if you always have sex in bed, avoid the bed all together. Hit the floor, try the stairs or even crawl into the back seat of your car like you were in college again.

Foreplay, Foreplay and more Foreplay

Are you the type that just pulls your pants down to your ankles and jumps in dry? If you are it's time to take a step back and reevaluate or at least use some lube. Foreplay is great way to increase both your sexual pleasure. You give a little and you get a little. He or she will be far more willing to have sex with you, when they are as turned on as you! There should always be compromise during sex, but when you're in a long-term relationship it’s hard to not go through the same sequence of events every time. If you are in love or just like your partner enough to be with them it’s important to remember that the kisses and the licking have as much of an effect as thrusting away – maybe even more. Are you afraid you can't last if there is to much touching, rubbing and licking before the "big show" try on a cock ring. Extend your foreplay and you will discover exactly how creative you can be with 10-20 extra minutes to get the juices flowing.

Change Your Look

We all have fantasies. Try changing the color of your hair to pink for the night, have fun. Dress the part, how about playing a nurse or get a doctor game. Its not a bad thing to change your image for your partner its just for fun. Be open and honest about your fantasies. There is no reason to only do it at 50%. More than likely, your partner wants you to share your fantasies – so talk to them.

Change It All Up

Positions are an often over looked way to spice things up. If your together for more years than you have fingers on one hand you might be stuck in a routine. Missionary, doggy, cowboy or cowgirl on top and the spoon are the most common, but they don't exactly spell out excitement. Men and women both enjoy a little anal in there life but are some times afraid to speak up. Try exploring with a intro to anal kit. Sex toys are always an easy way to get to the next level. If your always touching your toes try to avoid it for a month and use your imagination. This isn't work so there is no reason to get stuck in a routine.. HAVE FUN IT'S SEX..

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