Male Toys: Plugs, Pumps and Masturbators. What is your favorite?

Posted by Anida Leeds

The rabbit, the thumper, and the magic wand are all fantastic products. We all hear about different vibrators, dildos, and women's toys. What about the men's toys? This week we want to shed some light on the gadgets that make the men in the world "stand up" and cheer.

We tested, played, tested, and played some more. It's a HARD job, but someone has to do it. After all this HARD work, we put a small list of some of our favorite men's toys. Before we reveal the results, let's get familiar with what exactly is a men's sex toy.

What Are Men's Sex Toys?

Men's sex toys can range from masturbators, prostate stimulators to penis extenders, and more. Male masturbators are merely a soft silicone sleeve that a man can slip over his penis (with lube) to provide new sensations while masturbating. If you're a man you have tried your homemade toys and if your a partner of a man you have seen some of the results of these handmade toys.

Men will stick their willies in just about anything to achieve an orgasm — socks, foods, vacuum hoses, between the mattress, paper towel rolls. The list goes on. If you masturbate at all, buying an inexpensive male masturbator is worth it.

Prostate stimulators are a little different and might be a bit extra taboo to some men. (even though they will stick there penis in just about anything) Holding things in their anus might be a little bit of a challenge, but once you give it a try, you will realize what you have been missing.

Prostate stimulators help to hit the male G spot they designed for comfort and pleasure to take the chance and explore what could be a new exciting ride.

Last but not least would be the "Pump" a pump is designed for stimulation and to help extend male genitalia. Bellow is one of our products, we will go into more detail, so after further adieu. On to our five male sex toys!

Je Joue Mio Cock Rings
Super-soft, flexible, powerful - share stronger, longer, simultaneous orgasms with your partner using the Je Joue Mio. This cock ring will keep him harder for longer, and give her intense external vibration during sex, making sure you both get more.

Super smooth and soft, Mio is easy to put on - so it doesn't interrupt your pleasure. Once the penis is hard, add a dash of water-based lube and slide it down to the base, making sure the vibrating section positioned upwards. Now that you're comfortable with Mio to turn it on and experiment with its five vibration levels and patterns to discover your couple's favorite - and pursue that simultaneous orgasm!

Aneros Male Prostate Stimulators
The best-selling Aneros Helix is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It requires less patience and practice to realize benefits. The Helix was designed based on feedback from our customers and several additional design patents.

It has a sharply angled stem and large bulbous head which provide a more "aggressive" prostate massage. The redesigned P-Tab delivers a more focused external prostate stimulation when massaging the perineum.

Pipedream Masturbation Toys
We didn't have just one to promote so we broke this one down to a top company. Pipedream pocket pussy products are some of the best. Roughly the size of your palm, pocket pussies designed for ease of use and pure pleasure. Just apply a few drops of lube to your cock and the pocket pussy, and you're ready to start stroking.

The inside of a pocket pussy or realistic stroker is usually lined with dozens of ticklers and ribs to stroke and massage your cock as you pump your cock with the pocket pussy. The pocket pussy turn even an average hand-job into something special!

Flip N Fuck Me
This product is by far the most expensive item on our list, but let me tell you if you want something as close to the real thing this is the one for you. The Flip N Fuck Me is an EXTREAM sex toy. Foot-fuckers rejoice. We have your foot fetish fix! You've always wanted to suck her sexy toes while you pound her pink pussy, and now you can with this incredibly lifelike barefoot babe.

This ultra-realistic torso features a pair of perfect toes and shapely soles, designed to fulfill all of your foot fetish fantasies. Flip her over and enjoy an all-access pass to her super-tight snatch and puckered little ass hole, while you worship her feet and fuck her silly.

Every inch of her warm insides is yours to enjoy. Fuck her missionary-style while her small feet dangle in front of your face! You won't be able to resist her cute little piggies teasing and pleasing you. Flip her over on her ass and do her doggie style, then put her feet on your shoulders and go to work!

The super soft Fanta Flesh clings to your cock and wraps around every inch of your pleasure rod. You'll swear it feels just like the real thing--only better! She never says no, she never gets tired, and she's always ready to fuck. Smack her ass and listen to the sound of the whack"? It sounds and feels just like real flesh on flesh! With over 15 lbs. of velvety-soft Fanta Flesh engulfing every inch of your cock, you'll swear you're fucking a real woman!

Her knees are bent, and her thighs are crammed against her stomach, exposing her beautiful arches and virgin-tight snatch. Turn her over and enjoy a dirty doggie session as you pound her poop chute until you explode!

Hydromax Hydro pump
The Bathmate Hydromax is the ultimate in hydro-technology for penis development and health. Does all the Bathmate Hercules does and more. Hydromax generates 35% more suction force than the Bathmate thanks to its unique, newly designed Bellows Pump system, providing you with better, faster gains. The Bellows system now incorporates a new soft sealing, full support comfort ring to give you reduced pressure and greater comfort around the penis base and testicle region.

As a bonus, it is also removable for ease of cleaning. A new Swivel Bellows feature allows for full 360-degree positive rotation to give you full visual chamber viewing plus inclined angle change option for optimum efficiency when used in the bath or shower - or when you are using the fantastic new Hydromax pleasure ring system. A new Super Flow Latch Valve system allows for single hand filling in the bath, making handling and positioning the hydro pump much easier for you.

A new metric and imperial guidance scale gives you improved visual viewing area, plus upper and lower texturing on the vacuum tube for better grip and control. The internal bellows size has increased, and the number of convolutes reduced to allow you to gain even more impressive girth expansion.

Be careful with this one though, because too much pressure and suction on your penis can cause blood vessels to break and can be very painful. If it hurts at all, stop!

Choosing a great male sex toy might seem like a difficult decision, but it isn't, and it's way better than going the "do it yourself" route. Try a few sex toys by yourself or with your partner to find out which one you like best! Do you have a favorite that we left off or want to add your review of something new? Feel free to leave a comment below. One final note with male toys to be more fun, don't forget the lube!

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