Sex Positions: Cowgirl

This one is dedicated to all those cowboys out there. The cowgirl sex position is one of the most helpful ways for a female to achieve her orgasms. So cowboys sit back, let your cowgirl take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride!

The Cowgirl position allows a woman to control almost everything about the ride – the speed, depth of penetration,and the angle. She can change any one of these to better position herself and achieve an orgasm. This position will allow you to better reach her g-spot and clitoral stimulation and give her a mind blowing orgasm!

If she's sitting straight up, your cowgirl will be able to pleasure herself; giving her cowboy a much better view, and the ultimate show! Who does not enjoy sitting back and enjoying a sexy show. If she bends towards him and stimulates her clit he gets the best two gifts of all up front and personal.

This is a must have sex position in your pleasure box.

How To

Also known as the "Woman On Top" sex position. The male partner lies flat on his back (like the woman does in Dominant Missionary) and the female partner straddles his hips with her legs on either side, resting her weight on her knees or her toes. He can bend his knees some to help support her, or he can leave his legs lying flat. She can sit straight up, but it is more common for women to lean forward for more clitoral stimulation.

Where To Do It

Floor, bed, couch, chair, hood of a car, inside the car or any surface the man can lie on his back have his partner on top for the ride.


A soft blanket or pillow to go under her knees, maybe a cowgirl hat. Cowgirl sex positions book.

Level of difficulty: 2

Her excitement level: 5

His excitement level: 4