Sex Positions: Standing X Marks The Spot

Standing X Marks The Spot sex position is a fun variation and helps tighten things up adding friction, involving the use of a table and a very willing woman!

How To

In the Standing X Marks The Spot sex position, the woman lies on a table or other elevated flat surface with her rear scooted all the way to the edge. She is reclining fully on her back and is totally relaxed. Her legs are lifted into the air and are crossed at the ankle. The male partner enters her by standing at the table and holding on to her legs or crossed ankles. It's a fairly simple sex position to get into but is lots of fun for both partners! The X Marks The Spot sex position is one that can be used for traditional rear entry vaginal sex, or it can be used for anal sex as well.

He likes the Standing X Marks The Spot sex position because it's easy on him. He simply gets to stand, thrust and take control! Her crossed legs make for a tight vaginal entrance which feels divine. He can also reach down and play with her nipples here, or she can do so herself. The downside to him is the view, her legs are a bit in the way but the feeling almost makes up for that.

She enjoys laying down and relaxing while her lover does the work here. The deeper penetration is good for G-spot stimulation and the only thing that would make this sex position better is if he could grind against her clitoris. Unfortunately, he can't because her legs are crossed unless he wears a cock ring with a clitoral stimulator like the Couples Raging Bull.

Why is this position so good

The fire-starter friction created by crossing and clamping her legs together. That super rub-a-dub means more sensation for you both. Plus, this compact pose increases her ability to contract her PC muscles — which when tightened can heighten his pleasure by squeezing his penis, and hers by creating more awesome tension in her nether regions.

Where To Do It

A high bed, kitchen counter, washing machine, dining room table, desk (home office or...) and anywhere else you have an elevated surface that is comfortable.


A high surface that will allow her to lye comfortably, a pillow or some type of cushion for her head to help with the hard surface.

Level of Difficulty: 2

Her Excitement Level: 3

His Excitement Level: 3