3 Do's And Dont's Of Foreplay

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Foreplay is an essential part of great sex. Without the kissing, rubbing and teasing sex is just sex. Good foreplay can make sex so much better just by getting the body heat activated and the juices flowing.

We are all stressed, and a good release is just what the doctor ordered. To help you both have the most enjoyable orgasm foreplay is a big part to achieving this. When achieving a strong bond and better foreplay the following tips will come in handy for you!

Tip #1 – Take Pleasure In What You Are Doing

You must be having fun during foreplay in order to become the best in what you are doing. Women and men can actually tell when their partners are not in the mood for sex even if they pretend to go through the motions. If giving oral sex is a chore for you, your partner won't enjoy it. A man's satisfaction in the sexual overture is a big factor in turning on a woman. Yes, it all begins in the mind! So make sure that you have the appropriate outlook when it comes to the foreplay and the main act.

Tip #2 – Talk Openly

If you do not know what to do, then just ASK. For example, ask if kisses, cuddling or titillating nibbles on the skin is what will get the mood going. Ask if there is anything you are doing doesn't feel good, don't just assume it does because your partner is reacting. Ask if you should go faster or slower, if the communication is open the sex will be better every time after. In return, be sure that you are ready to give anything your partner asks of you!

Tip #3 – Dirty Talk

Most men and women do not know how effective dirty talk can be during foreplay. You may not know this but both women and men CAN get highly aroused even with just words, especially those that depict what you plan to do to them in bed. Aside from dirty talking, try speaking to your partner of your unadulterated appreciation of their whole being, their beauty, and your contentment on having them all to yourself!

Many men and women slip up during an intimate foreplay. These are three common mistakes that they make when initiating this prelude to sex.

Mistake #1 – Foregoing The Kiss

You should prolong the kissing instead! It doesn't have to be the usual lip-locking. Women actually enjoy it when their men give tender kisses, long strokes of the tongue, and loving bites on their neck and shoulders. Men in return enjoy aggressive kissing, we all have heard the saying a man would like a "women in streets and a freak in the bed".

Mistake #2 – Paying Too Much Attention To A Woman's Breasts

Women are uncomfortable when men pay too much attention to their bosoms and just fondle in one place. Of course, women love it when their partners do incredible things with their breasts. But, they still prefer that their partners adore EVERY detail on their bodies. Try rubbing your womens entire body not just the target zones. You will get a much better reaction and she will be happier too.

Mistake #3 – Hurrying Through Foreplay

This is a big no-no. Always remember that foreplay should be done in the smoothest and most comfortable manner possible. Both women and men love it when you spend time exploring every sensitive hot spots of their body. At times, women are the ones who dictate when their men should proceed. However, there are moments when women allow their men to follow their own plans when pleasuring them. Men in return would love for the women to take charge and have him sit back and take it all in; but remember to much rubbing on your man might make his ability to please you in return a bit difficult by having him climax to soon.

Let foreplay lead both of you into amazing sex. Don't skimp on it. Apply the above tips, and spice things up in your bedroom tonight! What suggestions can you provide to make foreplay more exciting?

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