Sex Positions: Jugghead and Fire Hydrant Oh My!

I bet you clicked this link and your scratching your head to this weeks article. What in the world are they talking about. If you know then your way ahead of us and need some new sex toys because you are a seasoned explorer. This week we are giving you two new moves to try and break you out of the norm of lay down and get it on. These new moves might seem hard to do at first but we tried them all this weekend and believe us they are great. It's a tough job but someone has to make sure no one gets hurt. As always let us know what you think of these new positions and if you have any exciting moves you stand by let us know.


If you find yourself entangled in a vegetative state when overpowered by a pair of exceptionally large breasts, then you truly are a Ju'GG'head! But fear not, any size is great – it's the thought that counts!

This is a women on top type of position with the use of a couch or table.

How To

For the Jugghead to work you need to have the man lye on his back on the floor, his legs bent on the end of a couch. The women then straddles the man's hips in a doggy style position with her breasts in his face. The man should remember to raise his hips for better penetration and movement. The angle is perfect to receive a kinky form of copulation; a combined motion of pumping her butt up & down and rocking her body to & fro. Make sure and not forget her beautiful breasts since they will be front and center. She will be doing most of the work here so men don't just lay there, rub her down all over and keep the motions going.

Why is this position so good

The women in charge position always brings excitement. With her straddling your hips and her beautiful body right on top of you who would complain. The Jugghead allows for great penetration and stable thrusting action due to the couch or table providing some resistance.

Level of Difficulty: 3

Her Excitement Level: 3

His Excitement Level: 4

Fire Hydrant

Lift your leg?? Hmmm this must be another form of doggy style. I love it and so did he. This position opens up a whole new meaning to the tried and true doggy style position. Don't get me wrong I am not knocking the dog but this exposes so much more.

This position is a variation of the classic doggy style, a use of a couch could help since this position is one of the more difficult to try.

How To

The receiver gets down on all fours in front of their partner, who is kneeling behind. The receiver lifts up one leg behind and places it onto the giver's thigh. Opening up and allowing for a very deep penetration. You may want to change legs in this pose not only to prevent cramping, but to change the direction of penetration for the receiver. this angle lends itself well to deep thrusting, G-spot stimulation and great pleasure for both lovers. The sensation of being partly suspended can also impart a sense of liberation, not to mention kinkiness. The use of a couch could help for beginners that aren't able to hold themselves up for too long. Practice, practice, practice is what I have been told. Who would complain?

Why is this position so good

The man is really in charge with this position because of the receivers off balance position. Any time the man feels in charge it should help keeping him hard as a rock. The Fire Hydrant is great for the receiver also since they are opened a lot more than usual and helping to allow him to go real deep hitting the A, B, C and G-Spot. This is one of our favorite positions and will have to try it again sooner than later.

Level of Difficulty: 4

Her Excitement Level: 4

His Excitement Level: 4

These positions are incredibly comfortable for both partners, the angle of the penetration is nearly perfect for hitting the G-spot or prostate gland, and the receiving partner's genitalia is usually easy to access by either partner. We try to help everyone with new ideas and variations. These great moves can also be done using a strap on or other enhancement device to bring to even higher levels. If you would like to have more articles like this or want us to find out anything that might excite you feel free to let us know in the comments or on Facebook. We would love to hear from you.