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Being short on time doesn't mean being short on pleasure. Although I'm a big proponent of long, intimate love-making sessions with lots of adult toys and sexy lingerie, sometimes you just want to get it hard, fast and, like, NOW.

Quickies tend to have a bad rap, but I don't think they deserve it. Sure, if they're done just for the benefit of one partner, they can be kind of meh. But when two people are really into each other and really want to get it on, RIGHT NOW, few things are more exciting than a quickie on the kitchen table, in a supply closet, or in the car. (The fear of getting caught is half the fun!)

Couple having sex on desk.
Thankfully, we put together some of the best sex positions you can use to make your quickies more sizzling and satisfying. Here are a few suggestions.

Seated Quickie
Whether you're getting it on in the car or just want to have quick, satisfying sex without tiring yourself by standing up, these positions for seated quickies should be just what you need.

Pitcher's Mound Position
The pitcher's mound position is perfect for sex on the front seat of a car. Just pull the seat back a little so the receiving partner doesn't have the steering wheel pushing into their back and enjoy the ride. Since the car seat is bolted to the car, you don't need to worry about any instability issues!

Basket Position
Feel like moving it to the back seat? The basket position is best suited for when the giving partner has space to stretch their legs. The bottom partner can also put one leg on the floor for more stability and control. This position is intimate and promotes full body contact.

Rocking Horse Position
A variation on this theme is the rocking horse position, where the giving partner crosses their legs and leans back on their arms. The receiving partner has to rock back and forth for penetration, which gives this position its name. A car back seat is a good space to do this ... as is the office floor.

Tabletop Quickie
No, I don't mean quick tabletop games (although sex is a game if you want...). I mean quickies using a table or desktop as support. Because sometimes you're having dinner with your sweetie, and you're just taken by a need to make love.

Tabletop Position
My first suggestion is the aptly named tabletop position, where the receiving partner sits right on the edge of the surface, wraps their legs around the giving partner, and either lies back or supports themselves with their arms. The receiving partner can put their legs up on the other person's shoulders for greater depth. This position is also great for clitoral stimulation! And it is seriously sexy.

Desk Domination Position
The desk domination position is a variation of the above, with the giving partner leaning in and the receiving partner laying a little further back on the table or desk. It's perfect for showing the receiving partner who's the boss (especially if done on the bosses desk, not like I would know, just sayin) …

Mermaid Sex Position
One last suggestion for tabletop quickies is the mermaid position, where the receiving partner lies back and lifts their legs straight up. The giving partner has easy access to, well, everything, and the receiving partner can shift the angle by lifting their hips.

Quickie in the Closet
Another staple of quickie sex is standing up in whatever area you happen to be in at the moment. Although supply closets, restaurant freezers or even dark basements are great for staying hidden, you can do it in your bathroom, or anywhere with a wall, really.

Dirty Dancing Position
The dirty dancing position is the quintessential quickie position and works great for two people who are about the same height (if not, find a stool or step to stand on). The giving partner leans back against a wall, and the receiving partner straddles them, with one foot on the ground and one around their hips. This is a great workout for the thighs too if you're into working out!

Dance Position
Switch the partners around, and you have the dancer position, where the receiving partner is the one leaning against a wall while the giving partner holds up one leg around their hip. It requires less stamina than dirty dancing, and is one of the more discreet positions around.

Open Pike Position
As quoted by the musician Lil' John "Bend over to the front touch toes back dat ass up and down and get low (get low)". Anal and rear-entry sex lovers should try the open pike position, where one partner bends over in a 90-degree angle at the waist while the other penetrates from behind. It works best when both people are of similar height. This position leaves the receiver's hands free to stimulate themselves, or to hold on to a wall or chair for more stability.

Drag Back Sex Position
The drag back position is a relative of the open pike, but uses different foot placement for greater stability. This position leaves the receiving partner rather passive, while the giving one gets to control the speed and intensity. It requires more space than the above three, but is definitely worth it!

Anytime, Anywhere
Whew, if you made it to the end, you are just as horny as me and that's what we like here at My Pleasure Box. Remember, sex doesn't have to take hours, or happen in bed. With these positions, you can have a sexy interlude anytime, anywhere. (As long as it doesn't get you arrested, of course.)

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