Spring Forward With These New Toys, Tips, and Teasers

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The calendar says that spring has started, so it's time to turn the page to hot, new toys, as two-lips are always better than one!

With new adult toys to help you start new beginnings and find a few new positions, that means you can get started with your spring cleaning and clear out the clutter in your toy closet!

We've got new products guaranteed to give hours of tantalizing pleasure! From male masturbators to new penis extensions and sex toys for the ladies, you're bound to get off to a good start with this spring collection.

Strap up or on. We're going in ...

Like Christmas in Springtime!

If you're looking for a few new sex toys to go along with those new beginnings, from butt plugs and vibrators to strap-ons and dildos, check out:

Butt Plugs: Butt plugs come in a host of different sizes and penetrations. For novices, try the butt plug trainers, or play around with remote controlled butt plugs with vibrators, anal fingers, prostate massagers and more.

Doing a little spring cleaning? Look for our discreet collection of cleaning kits.

Dongs and Dildos: Tennis, anyone? From big-balled dildos to monster-sized "King Kong ain't got nothing on me" dildos (Wait. What?), there's something for everyone. Look for double dildos which are 2-in-1, uncut dildos and double-sided ramrods. With sizes ranging from about 4-5 inches to a whopping 19-inch garden hose, you'll know if you belong!

And, if you've tried everything, and I mean everything, reach for a "triple" dildo and let the games begin! Hey batter, batter! Can I be your ball boy?

Spring Break Me Off a Piece of That ...

Penis Extensions: Doing a little backdoor drilling this spring? You'll find a host of fun tools ranging from strap-on cocks and penis extenders to real-feel penises and heavy-duty cocks. I came. I saw. I cock-quered.

Cock Rings: Think they're gonna put a ring on it this spring? Cock rings include everything from multi-snap straps and beginner cock rings to lassos and icebox cock rings for a cool effect!

Movies: A wide assortment of movies straight from Block Buttsters, you'll find massage manuals, wicked sex positions, anal guides, bondage intros and ejaculation guides. Clean-up aisle sex!

Vacation With the Va-Jay-Jays

Male Masturbators: For a night of solo fun, check out crowd-pleasers like sorority girl pussy and freshman ass that won't ask a million questions to vibrating va-jay-jays and anal action only. Party over here!

Spice Up Your Sex Toolbox With These Fun Treats

Nipple Toys: Now you squeeze me. Now you don't. Women's sex toys range from nipple clips and mouth spreaders with nipple clamps to alligator clasps and nipple vibrators. We've got plenty of great ways for you to make a squeeze play this spring!

Strap-Ons: Have you tried the latest double-cock strap-ons? How about the penetration set? It's a great way to ease into action. You can also try the strap-on briefs -- so you can take a little dick-tation, that is ...

Play ball! Whether you're a pro or in the semi-pros, we highly recommend the harnesses with interchangeable cocks. Sometimes you feel like a nut. Sometimes you don't.

Position Aids and Swings: While some people prefer Home Depot, we like home deep-O. With everything from padded thigh slings and giddy-up straps to sex benches and door jam slings, when you've got a little drilling to do, you'll find all you need in this department.

Get Outfitted for Spring

Lingerie: Ready to play dress up? From Wonder Woman outfits and baby doll dresses to crotchless panties, garters and dancewear, you'll be well-suited for spring!

My Pleasure Box specializes in the sexiest and most tantalizing adult toys for men, the hottest and best adult toys for the ladies, and the most adventurous adult toys to spice up your playtime. Happy spring!

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