Undercover Secrets to Planning the Ideal Getaway

Posted by Anida Leeds

One of the best romantic weekend ideas is to spend quality time together on a weekend getaway. Pick a recreational activity that you both enjoy and relax together for the rest of the weekend. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings and avoid all worries, family, life and work distractions.

When planning your romantic getaway, don’t worry about picking an expensive idea! Love doesn’t need money, and there are many inexpensive ways to enjoy a romantic weekend together.

Couple mountain climbing for a romantic getaway weekend.

For example, if you both love outdoor adventures, go mountain climbing and express your feelings while you both enjoy the gorgeous view from the top of the mountain.

Take Tuesday and Wednesday off and create your own “weekend” plans when the rest of the world is busy working. You’ll notice how different and how quiet most places are! Go skiing, head to the beach or do another activity that you both love. You can even go shopping at the mall together! No, don't do that.

Don’t call it a “romantic weekend getaway.”

Why? because if you make this terrible mistake, you’ve just raised expectations that are bound to bite you in the ass. Now the two of you will spend four days trying very hard to be ROMANTIC, racking your brains to think up suitably loving ways to fill the day and wondering if you should take a walk on the beach . . . Or something. So forget the clichés of what a trip with each other should be. Over the next couple of paragraphs, we tell you where to go, what to avoid, and how to have a hell of a good time. Because let’s face it, there are enough questions you have to answer in your relationship as it is (Who’s handling the leaky roof? Did you feed the dog? Do you want sex on the bed or the floor?). Where to get away together shouldn’t be one of them.

Make It a Surprise

If your spouse likes spur of the moment adventures, surprise them with the perfect getaway!

I’m all about the surprise, and my spouse is not. If I picked him up from work and took him away for the weekend, he would be so stressed out. I, on the other hand, would be in heaven! It’s a dream for me to be blindfolded and whisked away for a romantic holiday of dining rooms and silk sheets ;)

Plan Together

If it’s not a surprise, use the planning process to spend quality time together! You can even create an Ideal Getaway Planning Checklist to decide what you absolutely MUST have for your trip.

We like to purchase a travel book in advance and spend several date nights reading through it and choosing the activities & restaurants in advance. Planning is part of the fun!

A trip to a relaxing resort or an inn can rekindle the romance that has taken a back seat to hurried daily life. Top getaways in the USA include lakeside hideaways, golf course & resort spa, city hotels and coastal escapes for couples.

Quick Tip: Don't forget the lingerie, no passionate weekend is complete without some undercover pleasures.

Lock up your tech

Throw your phones, iPads, even your Fitbit (counting steps can wait) in the hotel safe and don’t take them out until you leave. Unless it is used in the bedroom or outside the hotel for those videos, we keep in our safe.

No “couple’s massages” or “sanctuary spa suites for two.”

No Watsu flotation exercises for you both, led by some weird breathy lady in a one-piece. Don’t agree to anything whatsoever that is explicitly labeled “couples.”

Order room service as often as possible

And don’t complain about the 18 percent service charge. Don’t even look at the bill. Just sign the damn thing.

Make it a Staycation

If money is tight, get a hotel in a nearby location so that getting there isn’t quite so expensive, OR you could even host your “trip” at home and make it a staycation. Check out a national park that is nearby.

I SURPRISED my hubby with a mini getaway to San Francisco, and it was so fun, even though he isn't the surprise type. We didn’t have much to spend on a trip, so it was just to a nearby city at a fun themed hotel, but we still talk about it and how surprised he was. Big cities like Los Angeles and New York have so many options of restaurants including small amazing delis to Micheline Star choices. There are hotels with guest rooms and two bedroom suites; the opportunities are endless.

Quick Tip: A horse-drawn carriage while sipping hot toddies in New York in winter should be on everyone's ideal getaway lists.

Don’t tell everyone you're going away together

They’ll just ask how your “sex trip” was. Unless you enjoy talking about your sex life then go right ahead and explain to your friends how you rode like you were taking a horseback ride bareback. Or the special live music you had in your bedroom. That is entirely up to you.

Some boutique hotels might have a nice hot tub or even an infinity pool if this isn't your type or romance how about a campground and fire pit with some wine tasting. Just remember one thing: be creative and your actions should express how important your partner is to you. By spending quality time together, you can express your true love from the bottom of your heart and expressing your love is the most romantic idea of all.

Get to know your partner more and more, and you too will be able to formulate your romantic weekend plans that will truly please your partner.

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