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Tracey Cox Supersex Anal Beads - Pink

by Lovehoney Llc

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The Tracy Cox Supersex Anal Beads. Smooth, silicone anal beads that start small and get gradually larger - a beautifully basic yet amazingly effective product from the best selling Tracey Cox range! Stimulate all of those tantalizing nerve endings for the best sex ever! Made of the most sensual silicone around, these beads are flexible for easy insertion yet firm enough to stimulate you entirely. The first bead measures just half an inch in diameter, making anal play simple and pleasurable. Following this first bead are eight further beads, finishing with the largest which is a full 1.1 inches in diameter! Take as much or as little as you like, choosing the right level of stimulation for you. Use a little water-based lubricant to make penetration easier then gently push the beads inside before sex or masturbation to add an erotic edge. "Beads are an easy way to explore and enjoy electrifying anal stimulation in a fun, non-threatening way," says Tracey. "Simply insert, then pull out at the peak of orgasm!" Easy to clean and skin safe, thanks to the premium grade silicone. Length: 11.5". Insertable length: 9.5". Material: silicone. Flexibility: flexible. Waterproof: submersible. Contains no latex or phthalates.

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